Søren Mehlsen (drums) on tour in Denmark with Tim Berne

Søren Mehlsen (drums) on tour in Denmark with Tim Berne and Kasper Bjerg


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Amalgam - Live in Vejle

It's now possible to download and listen to a concert that Amalgam played in Vejle, Denmark, april 2005.

The mp3's are stored at wich is a icelandic mp3 site.

Amalgam - Live in Vejle

1. Ansans Ananas Asnans (The damned Pinapple of the donkey)
2. Andlaus (Out of Spirit)
3. Cry Baby
4. You Turn
5. Calm Mouse
6. Undercover James
7. After All

(I recommend to right click with the mouse on the songs link and "save target as" to your computer and then open the songs, to listen, with iTunes, Winamp or WMP)

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Amalgam concerts in Denmark april 2005

Gig calendar 2005:

Monday, April, 18.
Hotel Schaumburg - Nørregade 26 · DK-7500 Holstebro
Check the hotel out at
Concert starts at 20:30.

Tuesday, April, 19.
sTUDENTERHUS åRHUS - Nordhavnsgade 1, 8000 Århus C
Check the club out at

Wednesday, April, 20.
Jive Jazz Club - Paraplyen, Caféen, Klostergade 1, Vejle
We will play a double gig with another band from Odense.
Check the club out at
Concert starts at 20:00.

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Morten Bruun (tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet)

Morten is a member of the award winning group Paven. Finds his
inspiration from modern tenor players like; Joe Lovano, Chris Speed.
Morten has despite his young age already worked and played alongside
notable musicians as: Alex Riel, Hugo Rasmussen, Jakob Dinesen to
mention a few. Morten is studying music at The Royal Academy of Music
in Århus.

Morten Bruun homepage.


Hans Christian Erbs (trumpet & flugelhorn)

H.C. is a very active sideman in jazz as well as pop and rock. He studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. H.C. has for the past couple of years been working extensively as an ensemble player as well as a soloist with his own band. A very accomplished player, whose strong lyrical playing has been referred to as "The modern day danish Lee Morgan".

Hans Christians Erbs homepage

Sigurður Þór Rögnvaldsson (electric guitar)

Sigurður (Siggi) graduated from "FIH School of Music" spring 2004. Graduated as a musicteacher, at the same school, spring 2003. Siggi has been a music teacher for few years. Siggi played with the Icelandic jazz quartet Autoreverse at the "Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2004" in Stockholm, July 23 2004. A member of Icelandic post-rock band Kuai, wich has released one cd, they have been active on the musicscene in Reykjavik. Warm up band at "Reykjavik Mini-festival" for the American post-rock band "Blonde Redhead" in Laugardalshöll (Reykjavik Sports Arena). Siggi has also played in various jazz and rock projects.

Sigurdór Guðmundsson, (electric bass)

Sigurdór graduated spring 2004, from The FIH (Icelandic Musicians Union) School of Music. Graduated from the music teacher line at the same school spring 2003. Been a music teacher since 2001 Exchange student at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, autumn 2003. Has played in various cover bands, playing pop, rock, funk and jazz. Played fusion/funk and jazz at the Reykjavík Jazz Festival in 1995 and 2001. Currently active on the jazz/improvisation scene in Reykjavík, along with other pop and jazz projects. Finds inspiration and influences from e.g. Jaco Pastorius / Weather Report, Skúli Sverrisson, AlasNoAxis, and various jazz, rock, soul and funk music.


Søren Mehlsen (drums)

Søren is a versatile all styles drummer. Currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. Søren is a member of the danish jazz group Paven, which won the danish youth jazz award "Ung Jazz 2003". Søren plays with a wide variety of smaller and larger groups in Århus and is known for his amazing energy and playfullness.

Amalgam jazz group - DEMO (download)

The band locked it self in a small room in the beginning of august
2004. The result is a demo with 8 original songs by bassist Sigurdór
Guðmundsson and our guitarist Siggi.
took blood sweat & tears, hard work, we had just come back from the
tour up north in Iceland. Lips were abused and fingers were bleeding,
but we survived. And here below you can the check out mp3 files of the

(I recommend to right click with the mouse on the songs link and "save target as" to your computer and then open the songs, to listen, with iTunes, Winamp or WMP)

1. After All **

2. Ballad of an Insomniac **

3. Dance of the Drunken Pixie **

4. Fyrir Svefninn *

5. Grindli *

6. Lómurinn *

7. You Turn **

8. Gengið á Gufunum **

* = composed by Sigurður Þór Rögnvaldsson, ** = composed by Sigurdór Guðmundsson.

Sigurdór Guðmundsson, (electric bass)
Sigurður Þór Rögnvaldsson (electric guitar)
Søren Mehlsen (drums)
Hans Christian Erbs (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Morten Bruun (tenor and soprano saxes)

You can also download all the songs in mp3 format, in one .rar file stored HERE =>
(mp3's @ vbr 165-175 kbps, fully tagged with artwork)

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